Theresa has always had a passion for playing guitar and singing. She has released three CDs: “Peace On Earth”, “Reflections On Love”, and “Lullabies and Songs My Mothers Sang”. She is working on a new project of all original songs. You can listen to her music from your favorite streaming platform, or purchase a physical CD on our Shop.

In addition to music, Theresa expresses herself through writing. She and her husband, Tim, often traveled the country with their car clubs, and her writings about these trips have been published in numerous car magazines. She was one of 35 boating women to compile stories about the Great Loop in a collection called “Ladies on the Loop”, which can be downloaded for FREE from our Shop. Currently she is writing a memoir about her life with her husband, their Great Loop boating adventure, and his illness and death.

Theresa is hoping to resume live performances as COVID restrictions are lifted. She enjoys performing all over North Georgia and western North Carolina.

In a world that is full of turmoil and strife, Theresa hopes her music will help to add a bit of peace and happiness to the hearts of those who listen.

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