The end of another year always makes me very reflective, looking back at the twists and turns, deep sadness mingled with profound joy, deaths and births, the ebb and flow of life…

This past year has been marked with moments of extreme joy, most notably the births of not one but TWO grand babies:  Jenna (Jaxon’s baby sister) and Teddy (Michael and Kaitlyn’s baby). I started the year with one grand baby and ended with three! I am one happy Nana!

During the year we held two Celebrations of Life for my sweet Timothy – one was a car show in Blairsville, GA, and the other was a gathering in Miami, FL. It was wonderful to spend time with our family and friends, to laugh and cry together as we honored an amazing man, the love of my life. My loss still feels raw some days, but the debilitating grief that consumed me for so long is finally easing, and in its place are the beautiful lifetime of memories we created. I remain in awe of the love and care you have given me, which is the reason I still find joy in each day. 

I am settling into my new home, which I have affectionately named “Tranquility.” Every single morning when I wake up and step out of my bedroom, I say a Thank You prayer to our Heavenly Father for bringing me to this humble little house. It is small, but perfect. I have a never ending “to do” list, but I am getting things done one at a time. I think I will be unpacking for the rest of my life, though. Lol! I love this area of the world, my proximity to my sister Rita, the easier access to everyone else in my family, shopping, doctors, etc. And I love my new church. I’ve been attending as I was able for the last two years, but now that things are settling down, I hope to become more involved. And now that I am finished with buying and selling for what I hope is a long, long time, I intend to spend a lot more time with my family. 

My BIG goals for 2023 are returning to MUSIC and WRITING. I have been playing my guitars a lot more lately, and I hope to return to performing. There is music floating around in my head that is begging to be recorded. I have inherited a piano from my stepfather which I am determined to learn to play. And there are love and adventure stories that need to be told. So, I am expecting 2023 to be a year of creativity and expression!

My sweet puppy, Lucy, is fifteen years old now and slowing down a little due to arthritis, but she is in overall good health and is happy. We make a great team. She is a wonderful company-keeper, confidant, and snuggle-bunny, and she still comes with me virtually everywhere I go. 

So, life is good. May God bless each of us with love, friendship, health, and happiness in the coming year. 

Love Always,
Theresa Jo

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