Can you believe we are nearing the end of Summer, 2020? It is still hot here, but already we can feel the days getting a little shorter, and it is just a little bit cooler in the evenings.

This week we celebrate National Dog Day, and who better to celebrate that with than our sweet little Lucy! She is such a blessing to us, and we think we celebrate her every day, but this week she got a special treat. “Camp Happy Dog” was hosting a Back To School Pool Party and Ice Cream Social for the dogs, so Lucy got to go! Lucy is not much of a water lover, but she makes up for that by eating a generous portion of treats.

And speaking of “Lucy stories”, I am making big progress on my book…. I know you keep hearing me say that, but I REALLY AM! “Looping With Lucy” is coming along nicely. It details the story of how we all met, and how much fun we had traveling on our boat doing America’s Great Loop. Not many people or dogs are as well traveled as Lucy.

Our puppy sure does brighten our days. She is the epitome of unconditional love, understanding, patience, and company keeping. She loves us even when we are busy and ignore her, endures boredom, and delights in times of excitement. Unlike some humans, she accepts all people for who they are, and does not judge. Her greatest thrill is going with us wherever it is we are going, be it by car, boat, or foot. She just wants to be with US, wherever we are.

And every single day I pray that God will help me be the kind of person Lucy thinks I am.
Have a beautiful day!

Love always,

Theresa Jo

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